Psychotherapies for children and adolescents in London

Duration : 45 minutes / Price : 80 pounds

The appointment is taken on the phone. During this first exchange you can explain to me the nature of your request so that I can see if an appointment could be meaningful. The presence of both parents is desirable.


The first session is organized in three stages.

The first time; takes place in the presence of the parent with the child. This is an opportunity to assess your situation and your needs so that we can together build the frame of our future work. I invite you and your child to freely express your difficulties. As a parent, you can talk about what you expect from this psychotherapy. I accompany you in this process and help you put words to what is problematic to trace family history and describe as precisely as possible the nature of your child's difficulties and its repercussions in your life.


The second step, I invite parents to leave the room so that I can spend time with the child if he agrees. Depending on its age, we will discuss and we will set up games, drawings. At the end of this one interview I propose to the child or adolescent a first idea of a framework and explain what I would like to transcribe toi his parents with his consent.


The third step, parents are invited to come back to the consultation room so that we can conclude. I tell you if I am able to help you. If this is the case I will explain how I work and the framework for future sessions. If you agree, we can take a new appointment. If it's not the case, I will communicate the addresses of colleagues who would could help in understanding and exceeding your child disorders.

The price of the session is 50 pounds and in case of cancellation it must be done at least 48 hours before the scheduled date. All sessions are subject to strict professional secrecy.