Psychotherapies for adults

Individual psychotherapies for adults in London

Psychodynamic or psychoanalytical therapies

Throughout our life, painful experiences and emotions are buried in the unconscious because they are too difficult to live with. To ensure that they do not resurface a number of defenses will be developed to protect us. When these protections become too rigid, they can become symptomatic: low self-esteem, inability to act, addictions, eating disorders, phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder...


Originally mechanisms of "protection" against unthinkable tensions, or remnants of poorly integrated psychic conflicts, these symptoms can become great sources of suffering. It is precisely to get rid of them that psychologists are often solicited.

But as unbearable as they can be, these symptoms can teach us a lot about the complex nature of our suffering.


This is precisely why it is useful to listen to the complaint and the pain they generate, analyze them, without value judgment, to understand the meaning and loosen the bonds of their grip.


Psychotherapy is a journey in which we work on making of the unthinkable and bearing the unbearable. It is an instrument to think the paradox of our desires, our needs and our actions. It is a path of freedom, of self understanding through the exploration of the actual suffering and the one inherited from the past.