Individual Psychothies for adults in London

Duration 45 minutes. Price : 80 pounds

You can make an appointment by mail or phone. Sessions are conducted face to face. They last about 45 minutes. The price of the session is 80 pounds and in case of cancellation it must be done at least 48 hours before the scheduled date. All sessions are subjected to strict professional secrecy.


The first session is an opportunity to assess your situation and your needs so that we can together build part of our future work. I will explain how I work and the frame of our exchanges. I invite you to speak freely about your difficulties, what you expect from this psychotherapy. I accompany you in this process and help you put words to what bothers you, to trace your family history and describe as precisely as possible the nature of your pain and its negative repercussions in your life.


This first session is concluded with an assessment of our exchanges during which I tell you if I am able to help you. If you wish we can make an appointment. If it's not the case, I can communicate the addresses of colleagues which I think will help you in overcoming your problems.